About Us

A hobby turned into reality.

Hi guys!! I'm Kayla, the owner of Monarch Sweets. I first started this freeze dried candy business as a hobby while working my factory full-time job. In just a couple months it started to pick up and in November 2022 I quit my factory job and started Monarch Sweets full-time. It was the best decision I ever made!

I first found my interest for freeze dried candy on TikTok. I kept seeing videos on my For You Page and just had to try it for myself. Once I got my hands on some I was addicted! I decided to do some research on how you make all those yummy treats. I then took the plunge and bought my own freeze dryer. BEST DECISION EVER!

I can't wait to continue bringing in new products for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all for supporting my business. Enjoy your candy!!